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Luke is a Personal Trainer, Vice-President and co-owner at The Northwood Club. His approach is unique to each client and their specific health-related goals; this includes clients rehabilitating from injury or surgery to those looking to enhance their body composition. 


Luke strongly believes in refining the skills necessary to succeed in any fitness program. He is passionate about exercise and nutritional sciences and is motivated when clients understand their true potential.


With certifications as a Personal Training Specialist, GLPTI certification and CPR and First Aid, Luke is committed to continual education in the health and fitness space, while applying his learnings to each and every client.  Meet Luke at The Northwood Club and get started on your custom fitness journey. 


Fun fact: Luke is an active bodybuilding competitor and has several 1st place finishes over the past 7 years. His greatest achievement was 1st place at the 2017 Provincial Championships at the OPAs Toronto Pro/Am event.





Wendy is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counsellor at The Northwood Club. Her approach helps clients manage acute and chronic disease, while achieving optimal health.


Wendy is motivated to help clients make concrete and lasting improvements to their health, through increased fitness and sustained nutritional change.


With a BSc in Applied Anatomy and a minor in Chemistry, as well as a license in Registered Nutrition and Health Counselling. Wendy takes a biomechanical approach with each client at The Northwood Club. She is also certified with Canfit Pro as a Personal Trainer. Meet Wendy at The Northwood Club and get started on your own wellness and fitness journey. 


Fun fact: Wendy competed in ballet and modern dance for over a decade before pursuing a degree in Applied Anatomy and Chemistry. 



Josh is a Personal Trainer at The Northwood Club. His training style stems from his belief that everyone should be able to live their greatest life in a body they love. He focuses on helping clients achieve their body composition goals - both fat loss and building lean muscle - through resistance training, calorie management and creating daily habits. 


Josh has competed in men’s physique competitions for over a decade and has earned 4th place at the national level. He takes pride in his accomplishments and applies the same discipline with each client at The Northwood Club. Josh is certified with Canfit Pro as a Personal Trainer and holds elite coaching certification. Meet him at The Northwood Club and get started on your own custom fitness journey. 


Fun fact: Josh has worked with some of the brightest minds in the fitness community, including Ben Pakulski, Amer Karma and Jordan Peters.



Mattias is a Personal Trainer at The Northwood Club. His training style focuses on relieving joint issues, while increasing strength and flexibility through stretching routines and hard work.


Mattias is motivated when clients work through joint-related pain so they can move more efficiently and pain-free. He has witnessed numerous clients return to the sports and activities they love because of the work they put in at The Northwood Club.


With a diploma in Fitness and Health promotion as well as a degree in Kinesiology, Mattias takes an educated and measured approach with each client at The Northwood Club. He is also certified with Canfit Pro as a Personal Trainer. Meet Mattias at The Northwood Club and get started on your own custom fitness journey. 


Fun fact: Mattias is fluent in German as a result of visiting the country yearly to visit family since he was a child.




Tony is a Personal Trainer at The Northwood Club. His approach to personal training is educated, empathetic and honest. He believes fitness should be more than just a phase, but a part of our daily lives. 


Additionally, Tony understands firsthand the struggle with weight management and body image, which helps him relate to his clients and their challenges. He’s inspired by clients that commit to their health and wellness and is motivated by their hard earned positive results. 


With a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and as a member of the Ontario Fitness Council, Tony uses his expertise to provide our members with a rewarding experience at the club. Meet Tony at The Northwood Club and get started on your own custom fitness journey.


Fun fact: “I went to school to pursue a career as a financial planner and fell in love with fitness and training people.”




Matt is a personal trainer at the Northwood fitness club. His training style empowers his clients to live their best lives through a focus of strength, proper nutrition and an understanding of what it means to feel your best, each and every day. As well, with a strong background in sport, Matt also knows what it takes to get his clients to the next level in any facet.

Matt is a former Junior and College Hockey player who has found success everywhere he goes. His success stems from a passion for knowledge and personal development. This passion has allowed him to grow and expand his training repertoire which has earned him the certifications of Pre-Script Assessment/Preparation, DTS Conditioning Coach, and Athlete Activation System. He is currently enrolled in multiple courses and is always looking to expand his knowledge in the world of health and fitness to help his clients achieve each and every one of their goals.

Fun Fact: Matt has a Bachelor of Arts degree in business but states “I’m thankful for my degree, but being a personal trainer and helping others is what I know I’m meant to be doing.”



My name is Chris Myers – I am a certified EXOS PERFORMANCE SPECIALIST  (XPS), Strength & Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer for the past 15 years. As a previous gym owner, CEO and Head Trainer of my own Athletic Performance Centre in Milton, Ontario before moving to Collingwood, my fitness background has a strong focus on athletic style training. My passion for continuous learning and education in our industry has given me the tools, knowledge and privilege to work with clients of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. My training style brings an element of ‘athletic training’ into my programming that is effective, efficient and scaleable to each individual regardless of their training background.


I developed my love and appreciation for fitness, from my past experience as a former Elite level Hockey Player (OHL Draft Pick, NCAA Athlete/NHL Training Camp Invitee with the  Washington Capitals - and have always had a great understanding and respect for the role fitness plays in strengthening our minds and bodies, allowing us to excel at an optimal level. As a former Athlete, now with a Psychology Degree, my passion is to empower individuals both mentally and physically, through an overall balanced lifestyle. I want everyone to gain the amazing experience of what it’s really like to look, think and feel ‘fit’, whatever that means to each individual I work with. If there ones thing I hope to do, it is to empower each and every individual I come across, to become the absolute best version of themselves.




Justin Hyde is a corrective exercise specialist trained under Paul Chek at the Chek Institute. He is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and lives by example. Helping clients move and feel their best makes Justin feel fulfilled. 


Understanding and exploring movement is my passion. I like to lift heavy, swing kettlebells, handstand, and actively race Spartan, which is Obstacle course racing. I want to use my body to its potential for the rest of my life and help my clients do the same. 


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